Rifts - Diel's Gift

Boot Camp

Fall in Line Maggots!

The campaign started with Nyx, Aurez, and Zadkeil arriving at Tennessee Jacks Boot camp for various reasons. Even though two of the adventurers would be banned from this exercise they decided to give it a go and hide their powers. They quickly learned that each and every movement would be heavily scrutinized. Right down to how well they cleaned their bodies. Luckily Nyxs excessive use of "Cleanse" Allowed the cadets to get high marks in their cleanliness. 

Going through the rounds with the adventurers was a very eclectic group of NPCs.

Modi – Male, Thin and usually did very questionable things. (Shit himself in the woods)

Etya – Female, a giant Gorrila humanoid, Kind

Mithratt – Female, Seemed nice but was also suspicous and dissapeared a lot.

John Wayne – Male, Nice and had a mysterious ability that helped him save the life of a cadet

Seth/Shane – Male, Was really nice and never missed an oppertunity to teach his fellow cadets about stuff that did not matter.

Orion – Male, a dog boy who at first was a jerk but it turned out he had a tortured past.

Mazie – Female, Sister of Orion but was a human. She would follow Orion wherever he went and was very protective of him. 




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